Adidas Home Alone

To coincide with the launch of the Home alone x adidas sneaker, we worked alongside IMA to create a gamified AR filter.

adidas recreated Kevin McAllister's exact pair of trainers from the much loved Christmas film, naming them The Home Alone x adidas Forum sneaker. The trainers features easter eggs, nodding to the numerous traps set by McCallister against the Wet Bandits, including burn marks, a rug-inspired chenille tongue tag and an ‘M’ branded doorknob-like jewel on the heel.

We integrated these iconic moments from the movie into the filter focusing on the UI picker as “Kevins Battle Plan” Users were able to pick from the options:

  • Iron burn mark to the face
  • Marvs hat set on fire with a blow torch
  • Feathers blown on you

The user has the choice of two ways to activate the filter:

  1. Scan the shoe to trigger and trap the merchandise
  2. Scan a friend's face or your own to trigger a famous trap

Giving the user different options on the UI picker as well as activating from both cameras gives the opportunity for the user to explore the filter more to engage and leads to an increased dwell time rather than the standard filter with one or two options.