Dior Virtual Try On

2000s style has been back in force since 2021, and this has certainly not escaped the notice of fashion houses, including Dior, who unveiled their new line, Dior Vibe which pays homage to the iconic decade.

Users were able to try out the Vibe bag in the different colours and sizes to see which suited them best with a direct link to purchase.

Brands like Dior have already seen a 6.2x return on ad spend while utilising virtual try on in their Snapchat promotions.

Having Matilda Djerf as the preview video for the filter drove their target market to the full collection via Instagram Shop.

Normally try-on has been leveraged through advertising alone, where businesses could guarantee their ads would be seen and who would see them. Brands like NYX Cosmetics have been able to drive over 60 million try-ons of their beauty experiences in a single day.

Are you more likely to purchase an item after trying it out virtually? According to the stats, the answer is YES

  • 4/5

    4 out of 5 brands that use AR report that it helps to drive sales, acquire new customers, and improved their brand awareness.

  • 94%

    AR lenses are 94% more likely to be shared than regular social media posts, AR experiences lead to a 94% higher purchase conversion rate and finally, 94% of shoppers would be interested in using any post-purchase AR experiences.

  • 70%

    AR experiences can increase brand recall and loyalty 70%, highlighting the technology's effectiveness in creating memorable experiences and boosting brand recognition.